Jewish Baby Gifts Keepsake Pin Mini Book of Psalms

I am not Jewish but just loved this beautiful keepsake pin and it will be the perfect gift for my niece’s first baby and its a boy. This is so adorable and unique as i have not seen anything like it. This baby keepsake pin does have the book of Psalms and it is very tiny writing, but lovely and has a magnetic closure and this is attached to a big safety pin with some pretty beads and a pacifier. Now these all can be taken off and new trinkets can be added. The pin is must sturdier than the old safety pins and locks securely, This keepsake pin comes in its own very cute sturdy bag decorated with soft blue ribbons and bear appliques. I am not done yet, this also comes in the cutest gift bag also, that is designed like a white bunny with ears and in blue colors. . I think this is amazing and very well thought up, so adorable, plus the perfect unique gift that can be treasured for years. I like everyone else rely on honest reviews when making purchases and just to let you know all my reviews are total opinions of my own and i had no obligation to the seller to only leave a good review. With all that being said this is an awesome keepsake that can be pinned to anything in the babies room, in a frame, on a crib or cradle or as an extra added touch to your gift for a baby shower, even for a baby christening. I love it. I received this product for free to look over and under no obligation left my total honest opinion and unbiased review.

Find it here



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