PABOJOE 100% Italian Leather Men’s Bi-Fold Wallet

I was very impressed with this Bi-fold wallet just opening it. The looks are attractive with the 100% Italian leather cover and it didn’t have an funny smells much like leather does, plus was so soft and elegant to tough, classy. This has a snap to keep part of the wallet closed and so many compartments. The compartments are as follows- 9 credit card slots and a license/ID window slot, behind the credit card slots are 2 hidden pockets ( 8 total), 3 large paper money pockets, which can also be used for important documents or important papers. I think it would be great for keeping my money denominations separated as not to give out the wrong money or show off the big bills to potential thieves. This wallet can hold a lot and still fit comfortably in a mans pocket. I do have to say that the height of this is just about 1/16 of an inch bigger than the standard wallet, at least the one my boyfriend has. But certainly much more classy and elegant looking, as his was so old and a cloth camo material type. This is truly elegant and roomy wallet and very classy with the Italian leather cover. I am like i said impressed with this wallet and recommend it for a nice roomy luxury wallet. My opinions are my own and I like everyone else rely on honest reviews when purchasing products. I received this product for free to test and look over and in return give an honest opinion and an unbiased review. Thank you for checking out my post and please follow me.

Find it here



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