Nail Polish Color Lacquer Set 5-Piece Collection #16 By Nanacoco

I am always doing my nail and quite a few bottles of nail polish and tons of accessories. I opted in on this deal because i love the lacquer polish and needed some good nail hardener and top coat as well as help. My nail do grow but they tend to break or split easy and i have tried everything. So i figured i would give these a try and see how they would help and look. Besides the fact i like the clear and lightly tinted colors as well. I used the treatment polish 1st for helping promote a healthy nail, 2nd applied the calcium polish for strengthening, then 3rd applied one of my nail polish colors, 4th put the nail hardener on which also helps with strengthening my nail, plus it gives it a nice looking shine as well and last but not least put the fast dry polish on to set and dry the polish much faster and it took about a minute or less to dry my nails with the fast dry. These are quality polish for helping promote healthy nails as well as strong and beautiful nails as well. So after 7 days of using this set of nail polish and treatments i can say without a doubt my nail do look better and appear to be strong, much stronger than they were, i could almost bend my nail, that’s how soft and weak they were. Also i can say the different polish and treatment went on smoothly and some took a little longer to dry. The fast dry polish took about 1-2 minutes to dry my nails, although i did put heavier coats of polish on my nails. But the did go on smoothly and look great , plus no irritation at all from the product. I will update this review in a couple weeks to inform you of my progress and updated results and improvements. I received this set of polish for free to test and in return give my total honest opinion and unbiased review.

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