6 piece Bamboo Coaster Set

I am very impressed with the looks of these coaster. The appearance is elegant and the fact that they are made of bamboo is a big bonus. It seems to me that all my bamboo items i own are a very nice quality as these are as well and very durable. I like the different color tones which is very appealing and the grooves which when my glass of cold water is set on it , the moisture goes into the grooves instead of staying on the bottom of my glass and when i pick it up it now doesn’t drip all over the place from condensation. Plus these will protect my furniture from water or other beverage rings ,stains and from heated drinks. Not only are these appealing but they actually match my light colored wood in my home. I really like the looks and the feel of these coasters as well as the strong material and quality. I am very thrilled and pleased with the set of bamboo coasters.








Lumi 8-Piece Nail Polish Color Lacquer Gift Set

This is such a delightful and amazing set and a great deal on so many different shades of lacquer polish. All the colors are bright and vibrant or of a pastel shade. Some of the polish require 2 coats depending on which one you use, although i would apply 2 coats anyway because it looks like a richer color and isn’t so transparent, unless you prefer that. I did find that it goes on smooth and looks amazing and just to show you the colors i painted every nail a different color. Don’t mind the short nails as it happens. I love to be able to decorate my nails in different designs and with all these colors i have a nice variety to choose from. I am so thrilled with this polish set and it would also make a nice little gift in its nice gift packaging. I like everyone else rely on reviews for making purchases. That is why i like to write a review for all my purchases, whether full price, free or discounted. With that being said i recommend this polish set for variety, quality and appearance. I received this amazing set at a promotional discount to look over and try out and leave a total honest opinion. Thank you for checking out my post and i hope this helps.

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Nail Polish Color Lacquer Set 5-Piece Collection #16 By Nanacoco

I am always doing my nail and quite a few bottles of nail polish and tons of accessories. I opted in on this deal because i love the lacquer polish and needed some good nail hardener and top coat as well as help. My nail do grow but they tend to break or split easy and i have tried everything. So i figured i would give these a try and see how they would help and look. Besides the fact i like the clear and lightly tinted colors as well. I used the treatment polish 1st for helping promote a healthy nail, 2nd applied the calcium polish for strengthening, then 3rd applied one of my nail polish colors, 4th put the nail hardener on which also helps with strengthening my nail, plus it gives it a nice looking shine as well and last but not least put the fast dry polish on to set and dry the polish much faster and it took about a minute or less to dry my nails with the fast dry. These are quality polish for helping promote healthy nails as well as strong and beautiful nails as well. So after 7 days of using this set of nail polish and treatments i can say without a doubt my nail do look better and appear to be strong, much stronger than they were, i could almost bend my nail, that’s how soft and weak they were. Also i can say the different polish and treatment went on smoothly and some took a little longer to dry. The fast dry polish took about 1-2 minutes to dry my nails, although i did put heavier coats of polish on my nails. But the did go on smoothly and look great , plus no irritation at all from the product. I will update this review in a couple weeks to inform you of my progress and updated results and improvements. I received this set of polish for free to test and in return give my total honest opinion and unbiased review.

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Jewish Baby Gifts Keepsake Pin Mini Book of Psalms

I am not Jewish but just loved this beautiful keepsake pin and it will be the perfect gift for my niece’s first baby and its a boy. This is so adorable and unique as i have not seen anything like it. This baby keepsake pin does have the book of Psalms and it is very tiny writing, but lovely and has a magnetic closure and this is attached to a big safety pin with some pretty beads and a pacifier. Now these all can be taken off and new trinkets can be added. The pin is must sturdier than the old safety pins and locks securely, This keepsake pin comes in its own very cute sturdy bag decorated with soft blue ribbons and bear appliques. I am not done yet, this also comes in the cutest gift bag also, that is designed like a white bunny with ears and in blue colors. . I think this is amazing and very well thought up, so adorable, plus the perfect unique gift that can be treasured for years. I like everyone else rely on honest reviews when making purchases and just to let you know all my reviews are total opinions of my own and i had no obligation to the seller to only leave a good review. With all that being said this is an awesome keepsake that can be pinned to anything in the babies room, in a frame, on a crib or cradle or as an extra added touch to your gift for a baby shower, even for a baby christening. I love it. I received this product for free to look over and under no obligation left my total honest opinion and unbiased review.

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PABOJOE 100% Italian Leather Men’s Bi-Fold Wallet

I was very impressed with this Bi-fold wallet just opening it. The looks are attractive with the 100% Italian leather cover and it didn’t have an funny smells much like leather does, plus was so soft and elegant to tough, classy. This has a snap to keep part of the wallet closed and so many compartments. The compartments are as follows- 9 credit card slots and a license/ID window slot, behind the credit card slots are 2 hidden pockets ( 8 total), 3 large paper money pockets, which can also be used for important documents or important papers. I think it would be great for keeping my money denominations separated as not to give out the wrong money or show off the big bills to potential thieves. This wallet can hold a lot and still fit comfortably in a mans pocket. I do have to say that the height of this is just about 1/16 of an inch bigger than the standard wallet, at least the one my boyfriend has. But certainly much more classy and elegant looking, as his was so old and a cloth camo material type. This is truly elegant and roomy wallet and very classy with the Italian leather cover. I am like i said impressed with this wallet and recommend it for a nice roomy luxury wallet. My opinions are my own and I like everyone else rely on honest reviews when purchasing products. I received this product for free to test and look over and in return give an honest opinion and an unbiased review. Thank you for checking out my post and please follow me.

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3 Sets Halloween String Lights LED Battery-Powered Decoration Lights for Indoor/Outdoor, (White Ghosts, Orange Pumpkins, Purple Bats)

These lights are so pretty and the little lights are a nice sized, much bigger than i thought they would be. The white ghosts, purple bats and orange pumpkins have a nice bright enough glow to them and are quite long at about 9 feet long. The ghosts are the brightest as they are white but they are all equally as pretty and will be a perfect addition as part of my decorations for Halloween, even though they are pretty all by themselves. These seem to be well made and the battery compartment that houses the batteries is quite solid and waterproof. I posted a video of using them inside, although i’m not sure if i will use them inside or outside for Halloween.The light material is a hard plastic material and not flimsy by all means and a good price to boot especially when you get all 3 sets. The only con is they don’t come with batteries and they take 3 AA batteries per light string. That being said they are well worth the batteries for the pretty decorative light they give off and great for the holiday. I like everyone else rely on reviews when purchasing items and stand by my opinion of these which is definitely in my opinion at least 4 stars. I received these wonderful light sets free to try them and look them over and give an honest opinion either way (good or bad) and an unbiased review. Thank you for checking me out and taking the time to read this. I hope i helped you out. Please follow my blog 🙂

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Babrit Kids Electronic Robot Dancing Robot Smart Space Robot Astronaut Music Light Toy

I am very impressed with the solid build and nice construction of this. It has it has 2 legs that go up and down and a round piece in the middle of the legs that support it when the legs are moving up and down., plus the propeller type thing on the head spins and circular patterns of pretty colors. When this this is moving it sings a funny tune, I cant understand, probably robot words lol. But I couldn’t stop laughing it is the cutest thing ever and can cheer anyone up. Plus there is a red ring that forms on the surface it is moving around on, awesome. I think this is the most fun and enjoyable robot I have ever owned, perfect for any age really. ( check out the video below). I highly recommend it and you wont be sorry when you purchase this for a child or yourself. I received this Robot for free to try it out and in exchange give an honest opinion and unbiased review.

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