Lumi 8-Piece Nail Polish Color Lacquer Gift Set

This is such a delightful and amazing set and a great deal on so many different shades of lacquer polish. All the colors are bright and vibrant or of a pastel shade. Some of the polish require 2 coats depending on which one you use, although i would apply 2 coats anyway because it looks like a richer color and isn’t so transparent, unless you prefer that. I did find that it goes on smooth and looks amazing and just to show you the colors i painted every nail a different color. Don’t mind the short nails as it happens. I love to be able to decorate my nails in different designs and with all these colors i have a nice variety to choose from. I am so thrilled with this polish set and it would also make a nice little gift in its nice gift packaging. I like everyone else rely on reviews for making purchases. That is why i like to write a review for all my purchases, whether full price, free or discounted. With that being said i recommend this polish set for variety, quality and appearance. I received this amazing set at a promotional discount to look over and try out and leave a total honest opinion. Thank you for checking out my post and i hope this helps.

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